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      Product Exhibition
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      Company Advantage
       double trak
      Double track,Jam -prevention
      Alloy gear
      (Endurancr test)
        Working  life≥ 100000times
      High power motor Push/pull force:≥60N
      Inner construct&nbAdd ultra-low temperature lubricantsp;  
      About FangSheng
      Foshan Tinwo Auto Electronic Products Co., Ltd, Tinwo was founded in 1999 and own the national export right. We specialized in car central lock system. Tinwo win the good reputation at home and abroad for our stable quality and well faith. At present, South America, Middle Asia, Southeast Asia and Western Europe are our main oversea market. In addition, we cooperate with domestic car manufacturer and dealers. “Tinwo”, “Valor”, “Steel Shield”, “Golden Steel Shield” and “Biao Ba” are our own brands. We built brands in the spirit of create, develop, quality, faith and service. What’s more, We have a number of patents. We set up an idea of “quality first, customer first, excellent work, hard development”. Besides, obey the principle of “focus on customer, improve our quality and decrease the cost; treasure environment, green Tinwo and sustainable development”. We believed that quality and credit are very important factors to reach a bilateral win. Tinwo will adhere to the idea of “quality first, customer first”, and dedicated to providing the best service and the best quality to you with the competitive price. Welcome to OEM/ODM, we will satisfy you by the good quality and service.
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